Ernie Thacker update in WV paper

The Herald Dispatch in Huntington, WV has a detailed story in this morning’s edition about Ernie Thacker’s recent auto accident, which we had briefly outlined in a series of earlier posts. The Herald Dispatch article has information about a number of ways that fans and friends can help Ernie and his family handle the crushing financial burdens of his ongoing hospitalization and rehabilitation costs.

The article also quotes Melvin Goins, Don Rigsby and Bo McCarty, all of whom are involved in helping to raise funds for the Thacker family.

As an editorial aside, we want to take a brief moment to encourage all of our readers (and friends!) who participate as performers or artists in bluegrass music to be aware of the importance of carrying some sort of medical insurance. You may think that the costs are prohibitive for someone whose income is often insecure, or that someone young and healthy doesn’t need the coverage. Ernie’s most unfortunate accident shows how youth and good health provide no protection against serious, and wholly unexpected heath care needs, the uninsured costs of which can be devastating.

Please investigate and consider at least a high deductible, major medical policy which can cover you against catastrophic costs such as what a serious auto accident can deliver, but at a substantially lower premium than what a full coverage policy may require. Despite the fact that people in bluegrass music have always rallied ’round to assist our own when needs arise – and the certainty that we always will – performers would be well advised to take steps to protect themselves, especially with the added exposure to road dangers which touring presents.

Stay healthy, but be prepared for the worst!

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