• Photos from the Elmer Burchett benefit concert

    Shayne Bartley, Junior Sisk, Elmer Burchett, and Tucker McCandless (2/23/24) - photo © Roger Black Friday night, February 23, saw a number of bluegrass music stars, family and friends come together in the Farmers Market in Mt. Vernon, Kentucky. The event

  • Cancer benefit for Elmer Burchett on Friday

    Photos of Elmer Burchett © Ted Lehmann Noted Kentucky banjo player and lifelong bluegrass sideman Elmer Burchett has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. Bluegrass lovers know his work from touring and recording with Ronnie Bowman, Dale Ann Bradley, Don Rigsby, Gary Brewer,

  • Auditions for Elmer’s General Store

    We've followed the launch of The Banjo Cellar and Elmer's General Store in Williamstown, KY over the past year, both businesses with a bluegrass theme. They were established by Elmer Burchett and Megan McKamey, a pair of banjo pickers who saw an

  • Banjo Cellar opens in Kentucky

    These days, we are more accustomed to seeing news about retail music stores closing than opening, with pressure from online mega-stores making life difficult for smaller, privately-owned ventures. But in Williamstown, Kentucky a pair of bluegrass veterans have partnered to open

  • Daniel Salyer solo EP

    In the 1990s, there was a very popular sound in bluegrass featuring smooth male vocals and a polished, contemporary sound. Ronnie Bowman was perhaps the prime exemplar of this style. The projects he recorded, both with Lonesome River Band and

  • Dollar – Bo Isaac and The Rounders

    Some readers may remember the Kentucky-based group Summertown Road, which released a self-titled album back in 2010. The group’s lead vocalist, Bo Isaac, has reassembled several members of the band to release a new project under the name Bo Isaac

  • Darren Beachley is back

    The best laid plans of mice and men... Veteran bluegrass singer Darrin Beachley had fully intended to dedicate himself to a new career in the medical field. Sure, he loved the bluegrass life, but the allure of regular paychecks and company

  • Elmer Burchett to Summertown Road

    Jack Hicks, founding banjoist with Summertown Road, has stepped aside with Elmer Burchett jumping in to take his spot. The band was formed in 2008, and their debut, self-titled album was released on Rounder earlier this year. Bo Isaac is on