• Ed Helms and the L.A. Bluegrass Situation

    We've  written before about Ed Helms (of The Office) and his love for bluegrass music. Not content merely to be a lone banjo player in L.A., Helms decided it was time to put together a bluegrass music event in Hollywood. Partnering

  • Banjo in The Office

    We've posted once before concerning the inclusion of the banjo in the popular TV show The Office. The latest episode includes another musical interlude featuring the instrument. With a new secretary in The Office, Dwight and Andy attempt to impress her

  • A Banjo in The Office

    I'm sure there are at least a few fans of The Office among us. So you may have already caught the episode in which Ed Helms, in character as Andy Bernard, plays the banjo. It turns out Helms is a real