Banjo in The Office

Banjo at The OfficeWe’ve posted once before concerning the inclusion of the banjo in the popular TV show The Office. The latest episode includes another musical interlude featuring the instrument.

With a new secretary in The Office, Dwight and Andy attempt to impress her by jamming on Country Roads (the John Denver song), on the guitar and banjo. At first it seems she is impressed, but I think the attempt backfires on them.

You can watch the entire episode on NBC’s website. The musical number starts at about 16:45 minutes in.

Eric Gibson, who alerted us to this episode, believes the banjo Andy is playing to be a Stelling. Give it a watch for yourself and see if you agree.

  • Definitely a Stelling. He played the same one (I think…it was a Stelling, too) in the first episode you refer to. The actor who plays Andy (whose name I can’t think of at the moment) has been known to come to the Station Inn.