• Beachley & Scott in the studio

    Good news for everyone eagerly awaiting a listen to the new Beachley & Scott band. The group was formed when Quicksilver alums Barry Scott and Darren Beachley joined forces late last year to create a new venture. Darren shared some news

  • Sneek peak at Beachley and Scott

    Darren Beachley and Barry Scott stirred up a buzz when they announced in December 2010 that they would be joining forces as the Beachley & Scott Band. The two Quicksilver alums have put together a fine band with Shayne Bartley on

  • Beachley & Scott Band announces members

    We heard again yesterday from Darren Beachley with more news about his new band venture with Barry Scott. Darren wanted to share details about the musicians who will be touring with he and Barry, and a few words about his

  • The Beachley & Scott Band hits the road

    We've just receive word of a new bluegrass mega-merger featuring a pair of Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver alums. Darren Beachley and Barry Scott have united to form the Beachley & Scott Band, and will take it to the streets in

  • Big weekend for Tom Gray in DC

    Next weekend will be a big one for Tom Gray. Not only will the original Seldom Scene bass player be teaching at his first all-day workshop on March 27, he has a CD release concert with his new band that

  • Darren Beachley takes to the air

    Katy Daley, the 2009 IBMA Broadcaster of the Year, will have some help in the studio for her show this Thursday on WAMU's Bluegrasss Country. Darren Beachley and Mark Delaney (Darren Beachley & Legends Of The Potomac) will be on

  • Wednesday lunch showcases

    For a change, I was able to stay for all three main stage acts at Wednesday's (9/30) lunchtime showcase, and I saw some very strong performances. Darren Beachley & Legends Of The Potomac were up first. That may sound like a