• Chris and Michael in Charlottesville

    On the road supporting their just released debut album Sleep With One Eye Open, Chris Thile and Michael Daves rolled into Charlottesville last night and set The Southern Cafe and Music Hall’s stage on fire. Playing to a standing room only

  • How To Grow A Band debuts this week

    This Friday, April 15, will mark the official premiere of How To Grow A Band, the documentary film by Mark Meatto that followed Chris Thile and Punch Brothers across the US and the UK over the past two years. It

  • Free Thile/Daves track

    Regarding the upcoming Chris Thile & Michael Daves duo project we mentioned yesterday... Nonesuch is giving away a free track in exchange for your email address, Chris and Micheal's frenetic take on My Little Girl In Tennessee, famously recorded previously by

  • Chris Thile and Michael Daves

    Chris Thile has engendered minor controversy in the bluegrass community since he began to veer off the main road with Nickel Creek in 2002. Rightly celebrated as an enfant terrible in the '90s, Thile's unpredictable musical adventures often left his

  • Paste: Punch Brothers are aliens

    There is much to report from and about Punch Brothers, Chris Thile's merry band of alt-bluegrass pranksters. Their current Nonesuch album, Antifogmatic, has just been released on vinyl for all you audiophiles out there. It is packaged with a copy of

  • Still more Punch Brothers

    Punch Brothers continue to pop up everywhere you look, offering more evidence of how large an audience they have found for their unique acoustic/bluegrass/pop/rock hybrid. Two more prestigious publications have taken a look at their output in the past few

  • Punch Brothers on Leno video

    If you missed Punch Brothers on The Tonight Show last night, here is the video from the June 16 episode. The song is Rye Whiskey, from their newly-released CD, Antifogmatic. Listening to the lyric, it would seem that the brothers are

  • Punch Brothers on Leno

    Punch Brothers will perform on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno tonight (6/17). They will be on promoting their brand new CD, Antifogmatic, and playing one of the songs from the album, Rye Whiskey. It seems that the boys have taken

  • Antifogmatic from Punch Brothers

    Today's the day, all you Punch Brothers fans. Antifogmatic, the second release from Chris Thile and his merry band - the second under this name, at least - is out today on Nonesuch Records. While their previous effort (Punch) was focused

  • Punch Brothers on Antifogmatic

    Chris Thile and his Punch Brothers have created a video interview to introduce the band's next CD, Antifogmatic, due on June 15 from Nonesuch Records. The video includes footage of the guys tracking at Ocean Way Studio with producer Jon Brion,