• New Martin guitars for 2017

    C.F. Martin has introduced several new guitar models for 2017 which they have been displaying at industry trade and guitar shows in the early parts of this year. As is their habit, some are targeted at the collectors market, with

  • Two new Martin Authentics for 2016

    CF Martin has announced two new guitars in their highly-touted Authentic Series for 2016. This series was created by taking representative vintage guitars from their museum, or from trusted collectors, and studying their dimensions in great detail using CAT scanner designed

  • Banjos and guitars on Craft In America

    Craft In America is both an organization dedicated to promoting handcrafted art and useables in the United States, and a PBS television series celebrating the best of what is currently being produced. They maintain the Craft In America Center in

  • Martin introduces D-28 Authentic 1937

    Among the several new products announced for 2014, Martin has a few that will be of special interest to bluegrass guitar pickers. Of particular note is a new model in their Authentic series, the D-28 Authentic 1937. Like the others in this

  • Martin Guitars at the Met

    Starting this week, and running through the end of 2014, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York is hosting a special exhibition of historic guitars from C.F. Martin. Drawn from their own inventory of classic Martins, ones donated from the

  • Inventing the American Guitar

    Christmas time is coming … and this new book, Inventing The American Guitar, may well be an ideal present for those interested in the history of the American flat-top guitar. Sub-titled The Pre-Civil War Innovations of C.F. Martin and His Contemporaries

  • Seth Avett model from C.F. Martin

    Martin has introduced a signature model guitar for Seth Avett, one half of the wildly popular rock/bluegrass aggregation, The Avett Brothers. It's based on the D-35, with some special appointments. The traditional 35 style 3-piece back is Indian rosewood, with