• Bluegrass as Performance Art

    We all know that bluegrass music is a performance art, but here's a story that puts a new twist on that. Brenda Behr is an artist in the paint and canvas sense of the word. But she also loves bluegrass music.

  • Bluegrass Painter creates IBMA Art

    Our friend Bob Yonke over at Appalachian Studio (and his blog The Bluegrass Painter) was commissioned last year to create a piece of artwork for this year's (2008) IBMA World of Bluegrass event. He emailed over the weekend and sent

  • Bluegrass t-shirt design contest

    The 28th Annual Black Hills Bluegrass Festival, just outside Rapid City, South Dakota, is looking for a good t-shirt design. The festival is scheduled for June 27-29 this year and a design has yet to be chosen for this year's

  • Sit on a fiddle

    The Idaho Falls Arts Council has an ongoing program called Art You Can Sit On. The program commissions local artisans to create benches that are art forms. These benches are created out of a variety of materials and are placed

  • The Duke of Pearl

    Modern Guitars Magazine is currently featuring a two page interview with Chuck Erikson, nicknamed The Duke of Pearl. Erikson got his start as a banjo builder, but soon developed an interest in inlay. Discovering that small shop instrument builders did not

  • Jim McGuire: Nashville Portraits

    If you've paid attention to liner notes or photo credits for any length of time, you should be familiar with the name Jim (Senor) McGuire. McGuire has taken many of the great photos in recent years of bluegrass and country

  • Even more bluegrass art

    Thanks to one of readers, who pointed out yet another artist who uses musical - and often bluegrass - themes in their work. The artist is Karen Cannon, and she offers prints, posters, cards and even coffee mugs using her original

  • More bluegrass art – from Scoot

    Brance has posted a number of times recently about artists who have bluegrass music as a recurring theme in their work. Earlier this week we found another, William H. "Scoot" Dryden, Jr., whose large oil paintings are far more abstract than

  • Jamming in Galax in watercolor

    We previously told you about Bob Yonke, The Bluegrass Painter, and his work depicting bluegrass in watercolor. If you didn't check out his work then, I would encourage you to do so now. Bob very kindly sent me a print the

  • Hands of Music

    We recently told you about The Bluegrass Painter and his work in and around bluegrass music. I liked the idea of artists who represent the music in their work and thought I'd share with you another wonderful artist in the