Jamming in Galax in watercolor

Kentucky Mandolin by Bob YonkeWe previously told you about Bob Yonke, The Bluegrass Painter, and his work depicting bluegrass in watercolor. If you didn’t check out his work then, I would encourage you to do so now.

Bob very kindly sent me a print the other day. The painting is of a jam session under the yellow tent at the Old Fiddler’s Convention in Galax, VA. The painting captures the colors, the crowd, and the fiddle sounds of Galax.

He tells me this is part of a new series he is working on. This particular painting is not represented anywhere on his site at this time so I can’t show it to you. The print is nicely matted in a double matt and ready for framing. I just happen to have an extra frame laying around so this piece of art will be going on the wall here at the studio today.

With this painting, I’d say this new series is off to a good start. Once the project is completed and available on Yonke’s website, we’ll bring you an update about it. For now, you can browse his other offerings, including The Bluegrass Collection which represents classic bluegrass in muted earth tones. The picture included in this post is the painting Kentucky Mandolin, from this series.