• Ronnie Kidd passes

    Ronnie Kidd with bass (right) - photo by Katie Danielle Photography Ronnie Kidd, 67, of Seagrove, NC, passed away on January 25. He was an active member of his church, a Gideon, a Mason, and an avid bluegrass enthusiast. An accomplished

  • Shorty Byrd passes

    If you camped at central North Carolina bluegrass festivals such as Big Lick Festival in April, Doyle Lawson's on Mother's Day weekend, Lil' John’s on Labor Day weekend, or Willow Oak in June, you might have crossed paths with Shorty

  • Ellie Hakanson to Missy Raines & Allegheny

    Highly decorated Nashville bassist Missy Raines has a big announcement today concerning her touring bluegrass group, Allegheny. Fiddler Ellie Hakanson, known to bluegrass fans from her five year tenure with Jeff Scroggins & Colorado, is moving from Oregon to Nashville to

  • Jacob Northern to Kevin Prater Band

    Kevin Prater has announced a new member of his touring band. Jacob Northern has joined the band on bass, and will assist Prater in pursuing the group's mission of recording and performing straight ahead traditional bluegrass. 19 year old Jacob hails

  • Pete Corum passes

    Photo of Pete Corum on the left courtesy of Jim Beaver. Pete Corum, perhaps best known for his time with bluegrass great Lester Flatt & the Nashville Grass during the mid-1970s, passed away on December 1, 2021. He was 73. From Burlington,

  • Dan Eubanks reviews the Travel Bass

    Hello bluegrass friends, Dan Eubanks of Special Consensus here to tell you about an amazing instrument, the Travel Bass. I’ve been asked by Bluegrass Today to review it for you, so here goes. Gonna be a lot of bass specific

  • ‘Living metronome’ Jason Moore passes

    Jason Moore with Sideline at the Gettysburg Bluegrass Festival - photos by Frank Baker The bluegrass world is running short of positive adjectives following Sunday’s unexpected death of Jason Moore, the 47-year-old bass player for Sideline. "Great. "Amazing." "Superb." They and dozens

  • Calib Smith to Caleb Daugherty Band

    Caleb Daugherty has announced a new member of his touring band. Calib Smith has joined the group after Zach Collier departed for a gig with Volume Five. This past few years Caleb has made a name for himself in bluegrass circles