• Bryan Russell returns to Hammertowne

    Hammertowne has announced a happy reunion within the band. Bassist Bryan Russell, who played with them for five years until he developed issues with his left arm and hand in 2019, is returning to the group. Dave Carroll, who heads up

  • Benjy Jones to Larry Stephenson Band

    The Larry Stephenson Band has announced the addition of a new member, with Benjy Jones joining the group on bass. Stephenson has built a solid bluegrass career based on his remarkable tenor singing voice, a reputation for fielding a solid band,

  • Curt Love to Junior Sisk on bass

    Curt Love of Oakboro, NC has been named as the new bass player for Junior Sisk. He comes highly recommended by a group of loyal fans in the central part of the state, who have been following this young man's

  • Kyle Dillow to Monroeville

    Monroeville has announced the addition of bassist Kyle Dillow to the group. A native Virginian, Kyle now lives in east Tennessee where the band is based. Bluegrass fans may have seen Dillow on stage previously with Cane Mill Road. It's been an