• Tom Gray’s 82nd birthday bash

    The DC Bluegrass Union hosted a party over this past weekend to celebrate the birthdays of two capitol area bluegrass greats, Tom Gray and Carroll Swam, both of whom are turning 82 years of age. Tom's 82nd was last week,

  • Jeremiah Gilmer – One man band

    With the digital age, music, including bluegrass, is being presented in a lot of different types and formats. Jeremiah Gilmer, a young southern Virginia-based graphic designer, works a day job and plays music in his spare time from his home,

  • James Cox departs Nothin Fancy

    James Cox, who has been playing bass for Virginia's Nothin Fancy since 2016, has announced that he is leaving the group. When he first came into the band, they described him as the quiet member as he mostly stayed still and

  • Cabin on the Hill from Curtis Vestal

    Curtis Vestal is a veteran bluegrass performer, who has been involved in the music since he was a teen. Perhaps not as well known as his older brother, Scott, Curtis has worked alongside a number of well-known artists, starting when

  • Jacob Eller to Volume Five on bass

    Jacob Eller has been announced as the new bass player with consistent bluegrass chart toppers Volume Five. Bluegrass fans know Jacob from his time on bass with Galax, VA group No Speed Limit, and with both Sierra Hull and The Church

  • Drive Time welcomes Lee Sawyer on bass

    Central North Carolina-based Drive Time has a new bassist. The band welcomes Lee Sawyer from Thomasville to their ensemble. Sawyer has performed and recorded with several touring bands including the Larry Stephenson Band and Grasstowne. Grayson Tuttle, their former bass player,

  • Sam Jacobs to Broken Compass Bluegrass

    West coast bluegrass youth phenoms Broken Compass Bluegrass have announced an addition to the band, growing to a quartet with the inclusion of Sam Jacobs on bass. When we spoke with the group back in March, fiddler Mei Lin Heirendt told

  • Alex Donahue to Kevin Prater Band

    Traditional bluegrass specialist Kevin Prater has announced another new face in his touring band this season. Alex Donahue has come aboard playing bass. Just 20 years old, he is competent on multiple instruments and has worked with a number of regional