• Hard Country drops from Audie Blaylock

    Also hitting today is the latest Rural Rhythm project from Audie Blaylock and Redline. Blaylock is featured on lead vocals and guitar, with Jessie Brock on mandolin, Patrick McAvinue on fiddle, Russ Carson on banjo and Jason Moore on bass. Hard Country

  • A Natural Thing from Audie Blaylock

    Rural Rhythm has dropped a debut single from Hard Country, this summer's scheduled release from Audie Blaylock and Redline. The songs is A Natural Thing, written by the late Harley Allen, and featuring Audie on lead vocal and guitar. He is

  • Monroe tributes: Audie, Dawg & Del

    Paying tribute to Bill Monroe with a recording of his songs presents a different challenge than it would for any other musician I can think of. The prime mover behind the creation of bluegrass music, his output forms more of

  • Last Chance from Russ Carson

    Russ Carson is the full-time banjo player with Audie Blaylock and Redline, who has released his debut solo project, Last Chance, on Patuxent Records. It features Russ along with a red-hot rhythm section - and several terrific vocalists - on

  • Audie Blaylock and Mr. Bill

    Next Tuesday (May 31) is the official release date for Audie Blaylock & Redline's terrific Bill Monroe tribute album, I'm Going Back To Old Kentucky. It's actually available now as a digital download online with CDs shipping next week. The record

  • It’s Mighty Dark for Audie Blaylock

    Audie Blaylock is using the Centennial of Bill Monroe's birth as the occasion to release a tribute project on Rural Rhythm, appropriately titled, I'm Going Back To Old Kentucky. Recorded with his road band, Redline, the Big Mon album also

  • Jason Wood to Redline

    After touring of late as a four piece group, Audie Blaylock has announced the addition of Jason Wood from Statesville, NC on mandolin. In addition to being a talented young mandolinist and guitarist, Jason has the rare distinction of being