• The Pickin’ Porch Show finds a new home

    For going on 20 years, folks in the tri-cities region of east Tennessee have enjoyed great bluegrass and old time music at The Pickin' Porch Show on Thursday nights in Bristol. Everyone from the biggest names in bluegrass, to up-and-coming

  • ACMA opens Papa Joe Smiddy exhibit

    The Appalachian Cultural Music Association, located on the border between the cities of Bristol in Tennessee and Virginia, has prepared a new exhibit for its Mountain Music Museum to honor a regional music and education celebrity. Papa Joe Smiddy, now 93

  • Debut Blue Ridge Acoustic Uprising a success

    The Appalachian Cultural Music Association held their first annual Blue Ridge Acoustic Uprising April 12-13 in Wytheville, VA. The event was designed to shine a light on the unique mix of old time, Americana, and bluegrass music that is native

  • Echoes of the Blue Ridge and ACMA

    Due in part to the pivotal town of Bristol, northeast Tennessee and southwest Virginia have long been known as one of the locations where traditional country music was founded. Bristol, the location of the 1927 recording sessions which put The