• Blog about bluegrass

    We just finished the first round of upgrades to the blog. We modifed some code to make things more effecient and easier to use. Most of the changes are unseen and you won't even notice them, but there is one

  • Put Bluegrass Today On Your Site!

    This is something new that we're real excited about. I've been delving into rss and javascript and come up with a handy little way for you to paste one line of code into your own website and display the

  • Gravatar.com accepting new submissions

    Avatars are those small icons that are used to identify users in online discussions, or in more complex form, in many online games. If you frequent such sites, you may have seen them before, though the word, or its use

  • Hot topics on The B

    We have a number of new posts up on The B, with at least one that is generating some interesting back and forth. Check the post on Live Soundboard Recordings to witness the virulent disagreements elicited by the opposing sides

  • Festival reports in The B

    There are two detailed festival reports recently posted in The B. The first comes from a user who goes by Lynyrd Banjovy, describing the Jerusalem Ridge Bluegrass Celebration in Kentucky. The other is from Ted Lehmann, and it's about the Farmpark

  • Our readers put the “I” in IBMA

    A look at the stats from yesterday and this morning shows just how truly international the interest in bluegrass music is - at least based on our readership. Here's a visitor map showing where our most recent 2500 readers are located.

  • The B – a reintroduction

    A great many of the folks who have stopped by to visit with us this week in the IBMA Exhibit Hall have asked variants of this same question: "What is The B?" or "How can I post something in The

  • The B – What it’s all about

    The B. It's here. Let me tell you about it. Bluegrass Today will continue to be your source for bluegrass news. John and I will bring you the news daily here on Bluegrass Today as always. But while you're here you

  • The B – It’s Your Blog

    We've been working hard behind the scenes and we've got something new for you today. The B is now live. Let me tell you about it. The B is a dedicated section of Bluegrass Today where you can contribute. All users

  • Your Blog authors visit XM

    When we first got to Nashville on Monday afternoon, Brance and I were able to stop by the studios of XM Satellite Radio's Bluegrass Junction at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, and meet with host Kyle Cantrell.