Suzuki method for mandolin coming to Virginia

The Suzuki Method, well-entrenched among western musicians and educators, was developed roughly 50 years ago by Japanese violinist Shinichi Suzuki. It uses principles to teach music to young children similar to those that are common in most cultures to teach them their native language. Special training is available for instructors to become fluent with the method, and classes for youngsters are offered in most cities in the US  for violin, piano, and other string instruments including guitar and bass.

More recently, the Suzuki Method has been adapted for use with additional instruments, including harp, and now mandolin. Next summer, the Virginia Suzuki Institute will offer a special course with Amelia Saracco, visiting Italian Suzuki mandolin pioneer, in July. The Institute is located within Emory & Henry College in western Virginia.

Saracco will present information about current research into the success of Suzuki for mandolin, and an overview of the various materials available for instructors. She will also discuss popular contemporary mandolin styles that are useful for teaching the instrument to children. This four-day class is not meant as certification for Suzuki for mandolin, but an introduction for teachers to how it works.

There will also be a class offered for young mandolin students at the Institute while Amelia is there, July 25-29, 2018.

Saracco is a well-known classical mandolin performer in Italy, and has been teaching with The Suzuki Method since 1993 with students as young as 4 up to age 14.

Teachers or students interested in more information about this course should contact the Virginia Suzuki Institute director Nan Freeman by email, or through the Virginia Suzuki Institute web site online.

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