Stringjoy offers money back guarantee

Bluegrass pickers are like most other string musicians. Sometimes we feel a bit overwhelmed by all the new items and accessories thrown our way. Try these strings for vintage tone! This capo – or pick, or strap, or bridge pin – will make your playing more natural or fluid or whatever!

The question is how do you separate the hype from what’s real, especially with premium products?

Well the Stringjoy company in Nashville is offering a money back guarantee to anyone who tries their sets. If you don’t like them for any reason, simply contact the company for a refund or replacement.

Stringjoy is a small, boutique string outfit, run by guitar players, for guitar players. All they make is guitar strings (and electric bass strings), so they aren’t trying to be everything to everybody. They like to say that their strings are handmade, though they do, of course, use stringwinding equipment. But they don’t use the automated machines that wrap wire by the mile. Each winder is operated by an experienced technician who watches the process on a single machine carefully.

They have chosen hexagonal cores for all their strings, and have two different wrap formulations for acoustic guitarists. There is a bright brass alloy for extra bite, but for bluegrass players, the natural bronze will probably be more appealing. These are wrapped with a copper, tin, and zinc alloy designed to produce the deep, rich tone we expect from vintage instruments.

Each wrap is available in multiple gauges, from extra light to medium, and custom sets are also offered, as well as singles.

Company founder Scott Marquart created this video to explain the basic components of guitar strings, and the various ways they can be made, plus his own thoughts about best practices. It runs about 12 minutes in length, and should be of interest to just about everyone who plays or cares about guitars.

Find out more about the various sets Stringjoy offers online. They are available from a network of dealers worldwide, and directly from the web site.

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