Stolen Instrument: Knilling thin body Jazz bass

Another stolen instrument report. This one is from Bryan Turner of Cumberland Gap Connection. It seems someone swiped his bass Tuesday night at IBMA.

This is a somewhat unusual instrument. It’s a Knilling Thinline Jazz Bass. It looks much the same as any other upright bass, only much thinner.

The store where I bought it has a number on the Bass of 67188. I am not sure if that is the model number or the Serial number. It has some dings around the bottom edge of the back of the bass and some nicks on the Scroll. It also was equipped with a Realist pickup.

The bass was in a gig bag case when it was stolen.

Here are a couple photos of Bryan playing the instrument to give you an idea of what it looks like and where some of the dings he’s talking about are located.

Knilling thin body bass
Knilling thin body bass
Anyone who sees this bass, please contact Bryan immediately at