SteelDrivers in WSJ

The SteelDriversThis morning, The Wall Street Journal is running an article titled Bluegrass With a Difference. The piece is about Nashville based band, the SteelDrivers.

The article trumpets bluegrass music as the music to listen to if you want something real in your ears. I couldn’t agree more heartily. The writer, Jim Fusilli, holds up The SteelDrivers as champions of that cause.

He covers the background of each member in brief, with special attention being given to lead singer Chris Stapleton. The story is told of the formation of the band, along with a summary of their signature sound, and an explanation to the WSJ readers as to why they should give bluegrass a try.

If you want to hear real country music — the kind with just-short-of-reckless picking on acoustic instruments and naturally vivid vocal harmonies — these days you turn to bluegrass.

He goes on to suggest specifically listening to The SteelDrivers as the subject of his article. He lays particular emphasis on the honesty of the music these guys make in comparison to main stream, commercial country.

The SteelDrivers’ music is organic and unsoiled by studio trickery, the kind that has plasticized contemporary country.

One has to wonder, with the WSJ being the go-to source for financial news, does this article indicate increased monetary success for bluegrass? We can hope…