Special presentation grade Frank’s Cranks available from Gryphon Strings

The iconic Gryphon Strings in Palo Alto, CA may be closed to walk in traffic due to COVID-19 restrictions, but that doesn’t mean they have all been at the beach goofing off. Co-founder and head luthier Frank Ford has used this time away from the shop to create some truly spectacular presentation pieces in his line of Frank’ Cranks string winders.

For some time Frank has made these completely functional art pieces, using various exotic materials as they are available, and offering them for sale through Gryphon to collectors, and those who appreciate the joy of owning something beautiful.

This latest batch are machined from brass, polished to a glistening finish, with handles fashioned from Brazilian Rosewood, Vulcanite, and various acrylics. Not only are they smoothly operating string winders, for mandolin and guitar, they are made with a precision and durability likely to make them into treasured family heirlooms.

These presentation grade cranks run from $195 each, up to $595 for a set of three in different sizes. Supply is quite limited, and Ford doesn’t know when he will have the time to make some of this grade again.

You can see these special pieces on the Gryphon web site, along with Frank’s other handmade winders and accessories.

Don’t hesitate if you have an interest in one of these unique items.

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