Special C learns about beer

Special Consensus in DublinSo what is the first thing a bunch of bluegrass boys do when they land in Ireland?

Here’s Special Concensus’ Greg Cahill to explain.

Special Consensus in Dublin

We left the USA one week ago today and have now played in Clonmel, Headford, Portarlington, Dublin and playing tonight in Grange, all in the Republic of Ireland, and also played in Arrmagh in Northern Ireland. The band first did this tour in 1995 and we have returned bi-annually ever since, so this is the 10th Special C visit to Ireland and the UK.

As any of the bands that have toured over here will most likely agree, the people here just love music and they do support all forms. We already had to order more CDs to sell from Compass Records after 5 shows – with 14 more on the schedule!

Can anyone guess where the attached photos were taken???