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We heard recently from Greg Cahill, our friend and occasional Guest Contributor here on Bluegrass Today, who passed along some details on Special Consensus’ activities so far in 2006. Greg tells us that they have recently started work on a new recording at Brent Truitt’s studio in Nashville.

We did begin a new project, but had to start a day late due to our bus lines freezing up in Denver (at -13???), which meant we had to rent a vehicle to get to Wichita the next day for a fest, and that meant we had to drive the 8 hours back to Denver for the bus, blah, blah, blah. Consequently, we missed the first full day of recording and only got two days in, but we finished tracking and some singing on three and a half songs.

I am very pleased that the recording will feature the same four guys that appeared on our current Everything’s Alright release – that has only happened one other time in the history of The Special C.

Brent is his usual brilliant self both as engineer and as producer – we can’t wait to get back in to finish the project (which probably won’t happen until April). The recording will have the same basic format as on past Special C recordings: original hard driving bluegrass songs, gospel, swing and an original instrumental. Don’t have a release date from Pinecastle yet – meeting with Col. Tom in NC this weekend to work out details.

Greg also mentioned that they are leaving on March 13 for a brief European tour that will take them to Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, Switzerland and The Netherlands – all in just over a week! Find links to the various European venues on the Special C tour page.

Hopefully Greg will post back when they return with some details and remembrances of the trip.

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