SPBGMA Report – Thursday evening

This post is a contribution from Dave Roye.

Thursday evening was a pretty good turnout considering one of the biggest fundraiser’s (Josh Graves) was going on as well as rain! I arrived at 7pm just in time for Heather Berry & Dominion Grass played on the Gospel showcase, but talked with John Hutchinson (Promoter from Amelia)who sat through the entire program. His comment was “There was not a bad performance by all of the groups that played the Gospel Showcase.” Probably the biggest hightlight of the evening was Heather & Dominion Grass debuting songs written by Dixie Hall off her up and coming album on Dixie and Tom T’s Blue Circle Records Label with Tom, Dixie, and the whole Blue Circle folks in the audience.

Was some good jams in the lobby hotel … special treat was Tim Graves jamming with Heather and Dominion Grass … some really hot stuff there!