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Sierra Hull - SecretsRecently we reported news of the forthcoming CD by Sierra Hull. Now, with the impending release next month, plans for the promotional push are falling into place.

ASCAP and Rounder Records are jointly extending an invitation for folks to attend the CD release party for Sierra’s first album for the label, Secrets (0601). This party is scheduled for 4pm, Tuesday, May 6, at the ASCAP offices, 2 Music Square West, Nashville, TN.

If you can’t be there, Sierra will be appearing at Nashville’s favourite bluegrass watering hole, The Station Inn, Wednesday, May 14.

For those interested in listening to snippets from Sierra’s CD there are audio clips at the Rounder website.

We expect some more updates from Sierra over the next few days.

UPDATE 4/30: Ooops…..  Scratch that invite to the ASCAP release party.  That is actually not an event open to the public, though the Station Inn show is.

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  • tylerwyler

    I wish I could say I was more excited for this release. Sierra is an amazing picker, and I had really been looking forward to this album. I went to listen to the tracks at Rounder’s website. Unfortunately, I was immediately struck by how overdone the pitch correction was on the production. Why is it that every bluegrass singer has to sound so perfect nowadays?

    Not only do the vocals on this album sound computerized and unrealistic, but poor Sierra will be held up to vocal scrutiny when she performs live and is unable to accomplish on stage what her record producers painstakingly “created” using studio trickery. There are plenty of bluegrass legends that don’t have “perfect pitch” (re: European music perfect pitch), and it is OK! I wouldn’t listen to Bill Monroe, Jimmy Martin, Vern Williams, or countless others if they sounded silky smooth and in perfect tune all of the time. It’s folk music. It’s OK to howl and whine and sing your heart out in your own voice, even if it is a little out of tune. I wanna’ hear the girl sing!

    And don’t get me wrong, I’m not entirely against a little pitch correction now and again… I have a home studio, and have access to it, but I think the point is to use it sparingly. It should still sound like a person’s voice when you get done with it, and not a synthesizer. This sounds blatant and glaringly obvious, rendering it nearly unlistenable to me. I’ll wait for the live album or the remix (or maybe demix).