Sideline benefit concert in support of veterans

This article, and others that will come this week as Sideline tours the western US, is a contribution from Glenn Wright of Guy Raleigh Management. He is accompanying the band and will provide regular updates on their road exploits and stage performances.

As Sideline made its way across Arizona towards Bullhead City on the Colors and Crossroads tour, the band’s guitarist Skip Cherryholmes found himself in a prickly situation. Cherryholmes asked that the bus be stopped so he could pose with a desert cactus. His appreciation for nature was evident as they crossed the country to bring their music to the west coast.

Once arriving in Bullhead City, the band took part in a special benefit for veterans’ organizations in the area. Colorado River Bluegrass Music Festival promoter, Randy Gray, organized the benefit concert featuring Sideline and Salt and Light, the Moore Family Band. The show, held at the Mohave High School auditorium, was free however donations to the Tri-State Military Moms and Veterans Resource Center were recommended. Sideline’s Steve Dilling said it was an honor to be a part of this show and contribute to such a great cause.

Dilling spent some time with Salt and Light Moore Family Band’s youngest members, Russell and Nora Moore, while Sideline’s Jason Moore (no relation to the Moore family) also spent time with Daniel and Garrett Moore before the show. Jason Moore told Bluegrass Today that “These young men are the future of bluegrass, I enjoy talking with them and encouraging them whenever I can, it’s good to see young people carrying on the bluegrass traditions.

There was a good turnout for the show Friday night, and Dilling was all smiles, especially as guitarist Cherryholmes showed those in attendance his amazing guitar skills. Dilling performed a fan favorite Beggar in Heaven during the show, a song on the Colors and Crossroads CD, which is not often on the band’s set list. The song was met with a standing ovation by those in the audience.

Salt and Light joined Sideline on stage for two powerful songs, and ended the night with Orange Blossom Special which drew another standing ovation. Both bands will be performing at the Colorado River Bluegrass Festival in Bullhead City Arizona on Saturday and Sunday, February 11th and 12th, 2017.