Shannon Slaughter joins Lou Reid

Lou Reid & Carolina with new band member Shannon SlaughterLou Reid & Carolina have formally announced a band member change.

Kevin Richardson has left the band to pursue a full-time gig with the Larry Stephenson Band. Lou, Christy and Trevor have expressed their best wishes for Kevin as he makes this change.

Kevin had been with the band for the last six years, holding down the guitar gig and contributing to the vocals. It’s always a challenge to find someone new who fits your band’s style and vision, but Lou is excited about Shannon Slaughter, former guitarist and lead singer for the Lonesome River Band, joining the band.

Shannon will be singing some lead as well as harmony, including the bass vocal part on Lou’s trademark quartet numbers. Lou commented on the vocals after rehearsing with Shannon.

[Singing with Shannon is] a delight, Shannon sings with power, passion and his range is incredible, he is one of the best.

This isn’t the first time the two have sung together. Back in 2001 the two jammed together at the Galax Fiddler’s Convention.

I knew then that this guy could cut his gig, he could hold his own with anybody.

In addition to his vocal contributions, Lou is looking forward to taking advantage of Shannon’s excellent song writing skills when the band begins recording another band project later this year.

Carolina banjo player Trevor Watson has known Shannon for years and is excited about his joining the band.

Shannon and I have been friends for over 15 years, and we have played in many jams together. It’s great to finally be in a full time band together on the road, he is a powerful singer and guitar player who compliments our sound perfectly.

Shannon has been in a number of different bands, but he’s looking forward to performing with Lou Reid & Carolina.

Lou is on a very short list of my favorite vocalists and influences from very early on in my career. Trevor is one my absolute favorite banjo players and best friends. Combine that with Christy’s timing on the bass and excellent singjng‚Ķ.I’m just excited to be a part of Carolina and to play this music that I have listened to for the past 16 years! I look forward to traveling the road and I hope I can bring something to their stage show that everyone enjoys.

Check the band’s website for a show near you. And keep an eye out for them later this fall as they are scheduled to perform as part of an hour long episode of PBS’ Song of the Mountains, to be recorded on November 15 in Marion, VA.