Saturday at the 2017 Southern Ohio Indoor Music Festival

Paul Williams, Joe Mullins, and Richie Williams at the Fall 2017 SOIMF – photo © Bill Warren

Saturday was a special day for the 2017 Southern Ohio Indoor Music Festival.

The show was opened by Remington Ryde. They have become a fixture at a lot of bluegrass festivals, along with hosting their own festival in Pennsylvania over the 4th of July weekend. Danny Paisley brought the current version of the Southern Grass to the stage. The original Southern Grass was formed by the late Bob Paisley and Ted Lundy. Paisleys, Lundys, and Eldreths have played in this band for many years. The Current band features TJ and Bobby Lundy, Ryan and Danny Paisley, Don Eldreth, and Mark Delaney. They provide straight ahead bluegrass music.

Host band, The Radio Ramblers made their final appearance of the weekend in several different configurations. Larry Stephenson has a long history of presenting the best that bluegrass has to offer, and he did not disappoint in his set.

The legendary Paul Williams teamed up with his son, Richie and part of the Radio Ramblers to present an amazing set of Victory Trio Gospel music. Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver were a large part of the evening show. Doyle and the band gave a “Quicksilver” set. Then Doyle joined Paul Williams, Joe Mullins, Josh Swift, Eli Johnston, and Stephen Burwell to give the crowd a full dose of classic bluegrass music from the times that Paul and Doyle were band mates.

Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder will headline the March 2018 SOIMF.