Saturday at Jekyll Island 2018

Saturday at the Jekyll Island Bluegrass Festival found Norman and Judy Adams hard at work. Jekyll Island is the first of nine festivals they promote throughout the year. Norman is in his 43rd year of bluegrass festival promotion.

The Malpass Brothers kicked off the final day of the festival with their classic country music. They were called back for two encores after their final set.

The Gary Waldrep Band has become a fixture at the New Year’s festival. He gives an audience a high energy blend of bluegrass and Gospel music.

Little Roy Lewis has performed at all 42 Jekyll Island Festivals. He shows no sign of slowing down. The Little Roy and Lizzy Show gives the crowd Lizzy’s original music and then takes  a journey back to some of the Lewis Family music of yesteryear.

The Gibson Brothers gave the audience a great second day of their music. Every festival has its own special moment. This festival was no exception as Rhonda Vincent joined the Gibson Brothers during their final set. Three special voices blended well and brought the audience to its feet more than once.

Little can be said about Rhonda Vincent and the Rage that has not been said many times. The band is one of the very best on the circuit. What isn’t often recognized is Rhonda’s dedication to her fans and to other musicians. Every fan that wants a picture or a chat with her is welcomed graciously and with a big smile – even after two hours of greeting fans.

Rhonda is also first in line to help other musicians who have needs. She is part of a benefit for Ernie Thacker this week in Nashville.

Quick story – several years ago a young girl was in Rhonda’s greeting line at the Milan Bluegrass Festival. She told Rhonda that she was going to be in a pageant and how pretty Rhonda’s dress was. Rhonda took the girl to her bus, fitted her to one of her stage dresses so she could look her best at the pageant. That is special!

Balsam Range closed out the festival with many of their signature songs along with some of their newest music.

See you next month at Norman and Judy’s next festival at the Rodeheaver Boys Ranch.