Saturday at Grey Fox ’16

Patriotic attire at Grey Fox 2016 - photo © Tara LinhardtSaturday was full of options and activities for all ages. The family tent had music shows, puppet shows, face painting, and activities for kids. There were dance workshops, called dances (squares, contras, etc), and plenty of bands to dance in whatever what one desired at the Catskill Tent. Kitsy Kuykendall hosted a Bluegrass Karaoke in the morning with a live band of bluegrass professionals there to back up folks from the audience who wanted to try singing their favorite bluegrass song.

The Kids Academy worked hard toward their big show on Sunday and also sent the kids from the Academy out to practice the great art of busking throughout the campground when they were not in classes.

Then of course there were loads of great musicians and some of the biggest names in bluegrass on stages large and small all day and well into the night.

Just A Little Lovin’ – Mr. Sun


We’ve Got A Fire – Steel Wheels