Sarah Jarosz on Acoustic Guitar

Richard Thompson posted over the weekend about Sarah Jarosz being featured on the cover of the October issue of Acoustic Guitar magazine.

I caught up with Sarah this afternoon in between her classes at the New England Conservatory to get her take on this signal honor. She had just started school again two weeks ago, and was getting back into the swing of her academic life after a full summer of touring.

“I was so honored! The idea of it being on the cover didn’t really hit me until I saw it. To be my age and have something like this… it’s so exciting and encouraging.

They had reached out to me a while back. Kenny Berkowitz did the interview last Spring, and I really enjoyed it. He asked a lot of questions most people don’t ask.

I’ve loved Acoustic Guitar for a long time and it was pretty surreal to be on the cover. I checked it out in one of the local music stores here in Boston, but didn’t have the nerve to carry it up to the counter to buy a copy.”

Sarah said that for the next few months her mind will be on her studies.

“Right now I’m mainly focusing on school. This past summer was touring non-stop for 3 months and I feel like school is my down time from the road when I can focus on writing.”

She said there were no immediate plans to start a new record, but with a full academic year to compose new music, who knows? She may be ready by summer time.

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