Sam Bush interview at Mandolin Cafe

Sam Bush - Circles Around MeFor those in our midst who love all things mandolin (and NewGrass), Mandolin Cafe recently hosted an interactive interview with the musical force known as Sam Bush.

The interview began with the posting of a short biography of the icon, and embedded mp3 of a track from Sam’s latest CD (available as a free download from Sam’s website if you follow the directions given here), and followed by a Q&A interview where the questions were provided by readers of the Mandolin Cafe.

The questions are wide ranging, covering a number of topics including: the relationship between fiddle and mandolin playing, strings, Sam’s chop, leading a band, what’s on Sam’s iPod, Hoss, the Cardinals’ chances during the 2010 season, and many more.

The interview ends with a run down of Sam’s gear, and a discography. It is accompanied by several interesting youtube videos and a handful of pictures.

If you’re a Sam fan, you’ll want to check it out.