Rhonda Vincent’s Open Door

Rhonda Vincents Studio ReconstructionAre you a Rhonda Vincent fan? Have you ever wanted an open door into the experience of recording a studio album? Well now is your chance.

We told you recently about the newest feature on Rhonda website that let’s you follow along with Rhonda’s Journey as she creates a new studio album. Phase 3 of that process is now online.

Phase 3 involved the remodeling of the studio space. The existing studio had to be completely rebuilt to the new specs, with isolation booths added along with quite AC and sound absorption. Those interested in designing such a space of their own should find this entry fascinating. The page includes Rhonda’s notes on what was done along with over 30 photos of the work in progress.

But if that isn’t enough, you can actually get a doorway into the studio, well the door anyway. That’s right, Rhonda is giving away the door to the old studio that was taken out during the reconstruction process. She has a contest page up on her site where you can enter to win the door. You will have to pick it up in Nashville though. All open doors come with a cost!