Rhonda Vincent’s Bluegrass Legends live at Uncle Dave Macon Days

One of the most highly-anticipated bluegrass records of the year, Rhonda Vincent with Bluegrass Legends – Live At The Ryman, is officially available today.

It’s just as the title describes, a concert recording of Rhonda and her crack band, with guest appearances from several of the most legendary, first generation bluegrass performers who are still with us today. Mac Wiseman, Jesse McReynolds, and both Sonny and Bobby Osborne performed on the show, which Vincent told us in the spring went from concept to reality in nothing flat.

“My initial thought was to have them there for a Bluegrass Nights at the Ryman. I mean, how cool would it be to do the show with the Legends of Bluegrass? So I sent a note over to ask the Ryman to see what they thought, and they loved the idea. I called Mac, Jesse, and Bobby, and they all said that they would love to do it.

Then I called Sonny and told him what we were doing, and asked if he might want to come. He said let me think about it, and then called back and said he would love to do it.”

This live recording is being released as both an audio CD, and a DVD with all sorts of special features from that magical night in 2016 at The Ryman Auditorium. Fans can get the CD today, with the DVD coming tomorrow.

On Saturday (7/14), at the Uncle Dave Macon Days festival in Murfreesboro, TN, Rhonda will take the stage with her Legends in tow to offer a live, on-stage version of the live concert CD for the folks in attendance. The festival staff is making special accommodations to ensure the safety and convenience of these epic artists, more than one of whom have reached an advanced age.

As a taste of what’s included, here’s the first single from the live album, her version of the ’60s George Jones chestnut, When The Grass Grows Over Me. Is it bluegrass…. or classic country? You listen, and decide.

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