Rhonda Vincent: Join the Journey

Rhonda Vincent listening to songsRhonda Vincent has embarked on the journey of creating a new CD, and she invites you to join her.

Here’s how it will work. As Rhonda goes through each phase of recording the CD, from listening to and writing songs, to tracking, overdubs, mixing, etc., you’ll be able to follow along via her website. She’ll be posting at least one page for each phase of the journey. Each post will be comprised of her own thoughts and comments on the process, along with photos of that particular stage of the process.

Phase one, The Song, is already posted, with Rhonda’s thoughts on song writing and selection. Phase two, Tracking, has also been posted with a bit of information about the studio, the musicians, and a hint at the possible title for the CD.

Following along with Rhonda on this experience should be of interest to both Rhonda Vincent fans, and those with an interest in making their own CD, who might wish for a little insider advice along the way.

Stay tuned!