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Rhonda Vincent - Good Thing GoingAlso just up on the Rounder Records site is a brief interview with Rhonda Vincent regarding her upcoming CD, Good Thing Going.

They discussed several aspects of the project’s creation including recording at home, who she chose to track with her, and how the album got its start.

Q: When did this project begin?

Rhonda: I remember the date, it was January 5th of 2007, and I had flown to Portland, Oregon. I was in the hotel, doing my makeup, my husband Herb calls, and we started talking about how he had booked me almost a year now‚Ķthe first year of dates that he had booked were just starting. We have our bluegrass crews and all these wonderful things; our girls are in school, one in college, and he said "Yeah, we’ve got a good thing going." When I hung up the phone, I kept on fixing my hair, and said "Hmm, I’d like that for an album title‚Ķ" because I felt like that’s where I was in my life and my music.

She also makes mention of her brother Darrin, whose new Dailey & Vincent CD is due in January, as is hers.

Q: Your brother Darrin Vincent – now leading his own band, Dailey & Vincent, on Rounder – has reprised his role as co-producer. What does he bring to the table?

Rhonda: Darrin is involved from the very beginning. He’s a crucial part of the recording. He pretty much oversees everything from day one. He’s playing bass, he sings a lot of the harmony…to me, he may be my brother, but even if he was not my brother, he is the greatest harmony singer that there is. As a producer, he won’t settle for "OK, that’s good enough." He will never settle for that. It has to be the best you can do.

Audio samples from Good Thing Going are available on the Rounder site, where you can also read the full interview.

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