Rhonda goes all Hag on us for election day

As Americans line up at the polls today to choose our next President, one gets the idea that half of the country feels like we could do just fine without the other half. And the other half returns the sentiment in kind.

But Rhonda Vincent is asking all of us to remember what we share as a nation today, and that is a profound pride in the American experiment, flaws and foibles included, and in the fact that we get to take part in choosing the people who manage our somewhat unwieldy and oversized government.

Here’s her love letter to the United States, in the form of the late Merle Haggard’s classic song, The Fightin’ Side Of Me.


Remember… whoever wins today’s election, we’ll all still get up on Wednesday and struggle through another day, often with little more than our faith, family, friends, and bluegrass music to sustain us.

Don’t forget to vote, and whomever you may choose, try to retain some patience for people who see the world differently than you do.

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