RenoFest 2006 winners

We just heard from our friend Russ Jordan with a list of the winners of the 2006 RenoFest competition.

RenoFest Guitar Contest:

1. Steve Lewis
2. Seth Taylor
3. Randy Lucas
4. Chris Hale
5. Matt Lindsey

RenoFest Banjo Contest:

1. Eric Hardin
2. Seth Taylor
3. Charles Honeycutt
4. Cody McGuire
5. Scott Dameron

RenoFest Band contest

1. New Dixie Storm
2. tie: Movin On Bluegrass, Flowers Family

RenoFest is an annual festival which bills itself as “a celebration of the life and times of Don Reno.” The competition ran as a part of the festival, which took place last weekend in Hartsville, SC. The prizes ranged from new professional quality instruments to cash prizes – as much as $1,000 for the first place band.