Red Rover drops for Audie Blaylock and Redline

Red Rover is the latest single to drop from Audie Blaylock, one from his upcoming project with 615 Hideaway Records.

Like many of his recent releases, this one was written by long time bassist, Reed Jones, who says that it was inspired by a story his grandfather had told him of years past living in eastern Kentucky. It draws on the game most of us will have played in childhood.

Red Rover feels classic and new all at the same time with its hard-charging pulse and free-flowing harmonies. The song is upbeat and bright, but the lyrics bring in just the right twinge of heartbreak and lonesome; it feels old, but the melody and progression smell fresh, like the whole thing was vacuum sealed 70 years ago and mailed to the present.

Red Rover demonstrates that just because it’s new, that doesn’t mean it can’t be traditional; and just because it’s traditional, doesn’t mean it’s not relevant. It also shows that nobody can do that like Audie Blaylock and Redline.”

With Audie on guitar and lead vocal and Reed on bass, the track is completed with banjo from Scott Vestal and many mandolin and fiddle from Patrick McAvinue. Blaylock sings the high harmony and Vestal the low.

Check it out…

Red Rover is set to release for download or streaming on March 24, and radio programmers can get the track now at AirPlay Direct. Pre-orders and pre-saves are enabled now online.

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