Rebel releases second single from Peter Rowan

Rebel Records has released a second single from their new Peter Rowan album, Carter Stanley’s Eyes.

This time it’s the title track, The Light In Carter Stanley’s Eyes, which Pete wrote about a visit he took with Bill Monroe to say goodbye to Stanley when he was slowly dying from cirrhosis of the liver in 1966. Rowan was at that time the guitarist with the Blue Grass Boys, and he had responded to Bill’s request that he drive them up to see Carter.

Speaking of the song, he says…

“In my original diary entry from that meeting, I looked at Carter’s eyes and his skin had become sort of sallow because of liver failure, which would take his life within a year. And I wrote somethng along the lines of ‘I have seen the light shine in Carter Stanley’s sunset eyes.’ That was the original line, but I distilled it down to ‘the light in Carter Stanley’s eyes’ because I think that was more true to what I really saw was… the meaning of being in that lineage. I felt like, from that day onward, I was part of it.”

The single officially debuts on Monday, June 11, but here is a liver version he performed on Bluegrass Country in February.

This track, and the complete album, are available to radio programmers through AirPlay Direct.

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