Rashby Frincent in Houston

We received an interesting correspondence last night from Ashby Frank, mandolinist with Special Consensus.

He had just gotten a call from Rhonda Vincent asking if he might be able to fill her spot on stage this week, as she is at home recuperating from a bout with bronchitis that forced her to cancel shows over the weekend.

Rashby Frincent - performing in Houston this weekThe deal is, Rhonda’s been under the weather this week, so she asked me to fill in with her band the Rage at a private event for Martha White in Houston on Wednesday. Rhonda and her husband Herb insisted that I have to wear one of her outfits, unless I can learn all of the words to her songs by Wednesday.

I think I can pull it off… How do I look?


In all seriousness, I’m honored to be filling in for a day with Rhonda’s great band (in my own clothes), and I’m looking forward to it!

From Houston, I’ll be heading for Chicago for a "special" Special C show at Fitzgerald’s Night Club with the legendary Howard Levy (bluegrass folks may know him for his harmonica and sax work with Bela Fleck) and that’s no joke!

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