Randy Kohrs…International Musician

Randy KohrsThe January 2008 issue of International Musician features a story about the multi-talented Randy Kohrs.

International Musician is the official trade magazine published by the American Federation of Musicians. The magazine is only available to union members. If you’re a member, take the time to read the article.

If some people are born to multitask, then Randy Kohrs of Local 257 (Nashville, TN) is one of those people.

From that opening line, the article continues and relates Kohrs’ background, musicianship, producing credits, and more. Multitasking just barely covers it. I knew he was a great player, and producer/engineer. I knew he had recently won an award for design at his studio. I didn’t know Randy did automotive restoration. And I certainly didn’t know he has built 6 dobros in the last 5 years! Where does he find the time?

It’s always nice to see one of our own highlighted in the larger industry.