Randy Kohrs Video Shoot

Randy Kohrs - photo by John Scarpati www.scarpati.comRandy Kohrs and his band The Lites will be filming a music video for the next single to be released off his CD, Old Photograph.

The song, Who’s Goin’ With Me, is about a boy who has a crush on the preacher’s daughter and ends up getting baptized by default.

Of course the band will be in the video, along with Jim Lauderdale, Pam Tillis, and one of the song’s co-writers Shannon Lawson. Also featured in the video will be fiddle player Ashley Brown’s uncle, David Brown. Brown will be playing the role of the preacher, which shouldn’t prove to be too much of a challenge since he actually is a preacher.

The preacher’s daughter will be played by mandolin prodigy Sierra Hull, and it’s not finalized yet, but it looks like Clay Hess’s son will play the part of the boy in the video.

The video is being produced by the Bell-Jarboem Films, a production company with a track record of producing music videos that ascend to the #1 position on the video charts.