Randy Kohrs: video shoot excitement

Randy Kohrs - photo by John Scarpati www.scarpati.comRandy Kohrs and his band, The Lites, just wrapped a video shoot the other day for the next single from their current CD, Old Photograph. The song is titled Who’s Goin’ With Me. We told you about this shoot (here) before it happened and brought you the news that mandolin prodigy Sierra Hull would be playing the part of the preacher’s daughter in the video.

The shoot is complete at this point, but the band has an interesting story to tell that happened while filming.

A location was spotted that looked ideal, but getting permission to film there was impossible. The location was an old brick home on a private lot that is currently for sale. The owner however, according to the information the band obtained, is currently in Europe and unreachable. The decision was made to go ahead with the shoot anyway. With a “For Sale” sign at the head of the driveway and not a “No Trespassing” sign in sight, they figured they would be OK.

The location had been trashed though by partying teenagers and a good deal of work was needed to clean up broken beer bottles and other trash before filming could commence. The band and crew spent several hours picking the place up and began filming with very little light left in the day.

The taping went well though, with the band on the front porch and the actors playing their roles amongst the old cedar trees in the yard. All the instruments were placed against a memorial stone to a Revolutionary War hero for a final shot.

The crew packed up their gear and left. The band took one last look around to make sure nothing was forgotten. Content with the day’s work, and pleased to be leaving the place in better shape than it was found in, they headed for their vehicles.

Fiddle player Ashley Brown tells us what happened next:

We were literally all in our cars driving off of the property when two cop cars showed up. After looking around, I saw there were other cop cars surrounding the property! The director and rest of the film crew had left, which meant the footage made it out, and Randy and I talked to the two cops for awhile, gave them a couple of CD’s, the director’s info, and we left. I think it will all work out. Apparently, it’s been a party place for kids lately and they’ve been trashing it. We left it better than we found it because we had to clean up some in order to shoot.

Plans are for the video to be finished by the end of the month and uploaded for viewing on Randy’s website. The video will also be pitched to both CMT and GAC for rotation.

In addition to Rand and band, other persons of note included in the video are Jim Lauderdale, Pam Tillis, Sierra Hull, Waylon Payne (Jerry Lee Lewis in “Walk The Line” and signed to Universal), Shannon Lawson and Chris Wood, along with some other friends and family.