Randy Kohrs featured in Maverick Magazine

Maverick MagazineThe April 2007 issue of the UK based country music periodical, Maverick Magazine features an article about dobro player Randy Kohrs.

The story was written by Glynn Brown, an English/Reading teacher in Nashville, TN. Incidentally, Glynn is also a banjo player, and the father of Ashley Brown the fiddle player in Randy’s band The Lites.

Their May issue is actually already out, but a lot of stores here in the states are just now getting the April issue. (Keith Urban on the cover) It’s at places like Barnes & Noble, Borders, etc.

The article is quite comprehensive and covers Randy’s background as well as his newst CD Old Photograph. One of my favorite quotes in the article comes from the interview when Randy is talking about the new CD. He mentions his target audience with this recording.

I wanted to reach a younger audience this time. Under thirty. My goal is for a 16 year old to listen for the first time and appreciate the drive, intensity, and high energy of each song. At the same time, I have to maintain the tradition and integrity of the music.

I applaud Randy’s desire to reach a younger audience with his music while still maintaining the “traditional integrity” of bluegrass music. I wish more artists would make a conscious effort to do the same.

The article is worth taking the time to sit down with a cup of java and read it through. Go pick a copy up at your favorite bookstore and enjoy.