Raining In Roanoke – new single from Carolina Blue

Billy Blue Records has released a new single to bluegrass radio from their current project with Carolina Blue.

It’s another written by CB guitarist Bobby Powell, Raining in Roanoke, which he says came to him in a moment of sheer inspiration as the band was driving home to Carolina through Roanoke, where it was – you guessed it – raining.

“The idea for this song came to me early one morning while driving through Roanoke, Virginia, on the way home from a weekend out on the road. It was pouring rain and the rest of the band was sleeping. The line popped into my head, ‘It’s raining in Roanoke and I’m leaving here this morning,’ so I woke Tim (Jones) up in the shotgun seat to write it down for me.

The whole song came out like that. Line after line, he’d type them into his phone and before long the song was written. I think what makes this song great is the way Tim sings it. He and I were sitting down to arrange the material before we went into the studio, and when he started singing the chorus, he jumped up a whole octave and it really knocked my socks off! Sometimes what makes a song really great is the singer and I think that’s the case with Raining in Roanoke.”

Alongside Tim and Bobby, Carolina Blue is Reese Combs on bass, James McDowell on banjo, and Aynsley Porchak on fiddle.

The band is delighted to note that they have a busy schedule booked for this year, starting in March. You can see all their show dates on the Carolina Blue web site.

Their current album, Take Me Back, is available now wherever you stream or download music online. Copies on CD or vinyl can be purchased directly from the band.

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