Rachael Ray visits The Crooked Road

Everyday with Rachael RayThe April issue of Everyday with Rachael Ray contains an article focused, of course, on the food of Virginia’s Crooked Road.

In a regular feature about food and travel, called Go Away, Rachael visits several locations along The Crooked Road. I’ve not read the article, but I’ve been told that the music is given some time in the magazine, with references to specific bands that Rachael listens to while traveling along The Crooked Road.

If anyone has a copy, please comment and give us some details.

  • floydcogal

    Being a huge supporter and attendee at the Floyd Country Store I picked up my copy of the magazine. Being one of the stops on the Crooked Road there is a picture of folks dancing at the store as well as a photo taken from behind a musician on stage. The writer, who was not Rachel herself, commented on the store and Katie and the Bubbatones who were performing when she was there. She also mentioned getting some Black Bottom pie from The Blue Ridge Cafe which sure looked awfully good. Some other venues were listed but being a Floyd Countian the parts regarding the store and my friends Katie and the Bubbatones were near and dear to my heart!

    Serena Wimmer

  • Serena, thanks for sharing. I’m still waiting to see a copy of the mag myself. A friend at church is supposed to be bringing it to me.

    I don’t have much time for jams these days (not enough time for sure!) but I used to attend the Floyd Country Store every friday night. I love this part of Virginia and all the great music we’re surrounded by. What a great place to live, pick, and eat!