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Punch Brothers on WoodsongsThere is a wealth of Punch Brothers media recently posted online, showcasing them both as exquisite musicians and fun guys.

First off, video from their 2/9 appearance on The Woodsongs Old Time Radio Hour has been made available online. This program was wholly dedicated to Chris Thile’s ambitious composition, The Blind Leaving The Blind, which serves as the primary focus of the band’s debut release, Punch. It is written in four movements, combining lengthy intricate instrumental sections with a song-like story that weaves through the nearly 40 minute piece.

You can watch them perform all four movements online in Windows Media Video. Folks who found this piece a bit daunting on the CD may find that seeing them play it live makes the music much more accessible. I’ve seen them do this piece live and it strikes me as a breakthrough accomplishment on several levels.

When you have time for the whole thing, treat yourself to this video – and try to approach it without preconceptions.

Chris Thile with his new driverThe “fun guys” part can be found in two posts on the Punch Brothers blog.

On 2/4, fiddler Gabe Witcher (aka The Judge) brought forth a 2008 Punch Brothers year in photos, with dozens of pictures of their life on the road – complete with a running commentary. The vibe is silliness, showing the band acting out and behaving oddly for the camera, plus a visit to the friendly confines for a Cub game during a day off in Chicago.

Here are a few samples…

Noam Pikelny asks about todays specials    Punch Brothers at Wrigley Field    Chris Thile finds relief on the road

Then late last week, new bassist Paul Kowert introduced himself to readers of the band blog with an overview of life on the road with the Brothers, which he closes as follows:

Band idiocy is central to our lives, especially on the road. Here are some of the ways we entertain ourselves:

–Pull pranks on each other, like stealing Holt’s wallet and phone (texting each other embarrassing messages from his phone), tying each other’s instruments to chairs and tables, unbeknownst to the owner. Stealing each other’s shoes.
Nota bene: most of these pranks are instigated by Pickles and directed at Holt.

–Reference band member lore. Add details to lore, and expand upon each other’s nicknames.
Nota bene: most of this is instigated by Pickles and directed at Holt.

–Talk about women.

–Play with the iFart application on Pickles’ iPhone.

–Fight off inconsolable sadness.

Read the whole thing online.

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