Pickin’ Pal promises soft cure for banjo players

Are you one of those accursed banjo players who can’t seem to keep your two non-picking, right hand fingers in place? All the manuals seem to recommend keeping two fingers planted on the head, but for many new pickers, doing so can be a difficult task.

A wide range of solutions have been offered over the years, from simple fixes like placing double-sided tape on the head, to complex mechanisms like the Banjo Fly Away Finger contraption we highlighted a few years back.

A banjo player in Seattle has come up with a new tool, made of a simple piece of elastic, which he calls Pickin’ Pal. He makes these himself in three sizes and several colors, and offers them for sale online for less than $20, shipping included.

Could this be the answer to your right hand prayers? Find out more online.

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