Pete Seeger television show now DVD

Rainbow Quest on DVDPete Seeger’s banjo recently ended up in the International Bluegrass Music Museum. Back in the mid 1960’s Seeger had a television show that aired on WNJU-TV in New York. 38 episodes of Rainbow Quest were aired, during which Seeger interviewed and picked with many of the artists considered leaders of the 60’s folk revival. Of interest to bluegrass fans are the episodes that included interviews with The Stanley Brothers, Doc Watson, or even June Carter and Johnny Cash.

There are 6 or 7 short clips available on YouTube for you to preview, and Amazon has DVDs available which contain two episodes each. I’m not sure which banjo of Pete’s it is that now resides in the IBMM. In the clip with Johnny and June you can see Pete playing both a fretless and a fretted banjo.