Pacifically Bluegrass show–Saturday

I wanna extend an invitation to bluegrassers to stop by the Bluegrass Mix tomorrow for  my show: Pacifically Bluegrass

Saturdays 1-4pm est. We have a friendly chatroom where you can meet other bluegrassers. I play a variety of new and contemporary bluegrass. Tomorrow the show will feature some new singles by Donna Ulisse, Coaltown, Palmer Divide and the Blue Canyon Boys. Also have a new single from Mark Brinkman. So stop on by…..

  • skymando

    I wanna invite to stop by “Pacifically Bluegrass”, Saturday 1-4pm est. I will be doing the second installment of a new feature of my show where I select a band to highlight, The band
    this week is Danny Paisley & The Southern Grass. I will also be
    playing a few cuts from his father’s band: Bob Paisley and The
    Southern Grass.

    I will also be playing some new albums which have been recently
    released to bluegrass radio:

    Kristin Scott Benson “Second Season”
    David Parmley “3 Silver Dollars”
    Ernie Thacker “The Hangman”
    Nothin’ Fancy “Lord Bless This House”
    Ricky Skaggs “The High Notes”