Own a piece of bluegrass history

Dempsey Young plays his Hutto mandolinFor all mandolin lovers, and bluegrass historians, here’s an opportunity for you to own a piece of bluegrass history. Dempsey Young was a well loved and influential force in bluegrass music up until his death in 2006. The Hutto mandolin Dempsey played with the Lost & Found for 33 years is now for sale. Dempsey’s wife Lynette has listed the instrument in the classified section of the MandolinCafe.com website, with a sale price of $90K.

John Hutto was a mandolin maker who built a relatively small number of mandolins during his career. He passed away in the fall of 2004. Dempsey’s Hutto is #10. Dempsey purchased the instrument in the mid-1970s and played it with the Lost & Found for over 30 years, producing clean, powerful, and rich tones.

Let’s hope the instrument ends up in the hands of serious picker who will honor the instrument’s history by continuing to care for it and lovingly play it.

Mrs. Young has also listed Dempsey’s 1988 Gibson F5 for sale at a price of $5K.

HT: European Bluegrass Blog